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Caisson, Koivisto, Rune

The Swedish design partnership Claesson Koivisto Rune was founded a little over ten years ago but has already received extraordinary recognition. Like Scandinavian masters before them, such as Aalto or Jacobsen, Claesson Koivisto Rune practice both architecture and design. In 2004 they were among the first Swedish architects to be selected for the international section of the Architecture Biennale in Venice


Edeestudio: located in Valencia, Spain this industrial and product design studio creates young and fresh concepts that have captured interest both locally and internationally. Edeestudio has collaborated with Capdell for the Salone del Mobile in Milan, constructing a fashionable collection.

Giovanna Azzarello

Her Italian upbringing in Milan pushed Giovanna Azzarello to study architecture and design and open, in her early twenties, her own design firm. She collaborated with Porada to create a series of exceptional pieces.

Carlo Ballabio

Born in Canterbury in 1967. He Studied at IPSIA G. Meroni of Lissone as a technician in the furniture and furnishing. In 1990 he graduated in Industrial Design at the European Institute of Design in Milan. Subsequently takes different collaborations with design studios, first with Paola Nava designers, then with Paola Navone as a senior designer. He has also designed several products including the table "Escher" of Emmemobili, Which in 2004 was exhibited at the Triennale in Milan as part of the exhibition "The city infinity - hypermodernity - disorientations, of living and producing in Lombardia." For a time he also worked at Centro Ricerche e Sviluppo CassinaResearch and Development Centre Cassina. Since November 2011 he is working as a product development manager and designer at PORADA

Stefano Bigi

Raised between France and Italy this dual influence can be seen in his design. His intuit and elegance of thought inspired him to create the Infinity Collection for Porada.

Gino Carollo

Renowned internationally, Gino Carollo’s savvy passion for industrial design has made some of his creations award winners and pieces of the MOMA collection in NY. After opening his design firm he started also collaborating with important furniture manufactures, among which Porada.

Tarcisio Colzani

Self-starter, Tarcisio developed his knowledge for design by working in the furniture field and eagerly wanted to do more. His creations for Porada have been successful internationally.

Marzia & Leonardo Dainelli

Marzia and Leonardo, architects and designers, established in 2007 a design studio. As far as their headquarters, they have chosen a seventeenth century rustic house in the heart of Tuscany that has been restored with a modern twist. A route, marked by the expression of innovative ideas, has allowed them to obtain collaborations as art directors and planners with leading furniture companies. Their strength resides in following the whole project: from the initial idea to the model developed with craftsmen, from the production to the communication of the product. Thanks to a wide range of skills they are active in various areas of design including product, interior, exhibition and graphic.

Garbin Dell"Orto

Mario Dell'Orto, Emanuela Garbin combine different professional experiences, acquired in the same professional field. The common denominator is an affinity of language, which leads to an objective measure to deal with the complex problems of the sector in a specialized way. In the field of design, the firm has planned and designed objects for interior decoration, which have become part of the production of prestigious companies in the industry. The firm develops synergistic activity on the interconnection between the individual specializations intervention, then exercising the option, to be able to deal with a broader view of the problems that now flock to an area in great transformation and change.

Fiorenzo Dorigo

Born in Treviso, Italy in 1953. Since 1977 he has been part of the Signomega studio and works closely with Bruno Maria Fracarossi in the "total design" experience (selected for the Compasso d'Oro in 1979) Menber of the ADI, he is a freelance designer since 1987 and has acquired experience in electrical appliances design, home, office, cinema and theatre interior design in Europe, the US and the far east. In 2002 and 2003 he held design seminaries at the Wood Industry Institute, which is part of Padova University.

Emmanuel Gallina

Elegance, clarity and simplicity are key to Emmanuel Gallina’s work. His creative ethic at sincerity and coherence is embodied in every one of his projects. To him, attention to detail is a constant priority in the contours, shapes and functionality of his work.Emmanuel teaches at Milan’s Politecnico, tutors at Domus Academy and Istituto Marangoni of Milan, as well as Lima in Bordeaux. He is often solicited for lectures and conferences in France, Italy, China or Brazil.

Marelli Molteni

Both Italian architects and designers who live and work in Cantu, where they develop projects for residential and commercials markets along side with product development which brought them to successfully cooperate with Porada.

Studio Opera

Italian agency founded in 1990 with the aim of offering industrial design, interior and exterior design, and project management and later on added an imaging service in order to offer a complete design package.

Paolo Salvade

Paolo Salvade was born in Cantù (CO) in1960 where he currently lives and works, within an area of old wood-work tradition. His main activity is in the field of industrial design. He completes his almost 20 years of professional experience in the Studio of an important designer, also working with some major furnishing companies. In 1997 he opens his own studio of industrial design. His philosophy is to generate products that have a strong personality, especially in a period in which the end user pays more and more attention to his own choices. This is the reason why the companies must design products which are rigorous, concrete and simple in the use and design.

Vicente Soto

Soto has been collaborating with Capdell for more than twenty years, creating some of the most outstanding collections of the line. His design and expertise have been an influential inspiration for the Spanish design world.

Gabriel Teixido

After many years working in the arts industry, at the start of the 1970s Gabriel Teixidó moved into the sphere of industrial design. He turns his ideas into commercial successes, which he usually attributes to his strong artistic background. His method of coming up with a design beyond formal exhibitionism has made him the worthy winner of several SIDI and Delta awards.

Carlos Tiscar

Carlos Tiscar gained his design knowledge studying in Spain and in Italy. His passion led him to become a renowned industrial, product and interior designer who also specialize in home furnishing, and exhibition and booth design. The collaboration between Tiscar and Capdell created the Aro collection.

Giuseppe Vigano'

Italian industrial design specialist, who creates unique furniture products for the most renowned companies expressing his vision and timeless passion.

Salvador Villalba

Salvador Villalba graduated in Interior Design at the School of Arts Applied Valencia in 1981 He became member of the Governing Board of the Association of Interior Designers from 1987 to 2005. From 1994 to the present he has developed his work teaching as a professor in the School of Art and Senior Design in Alicante and in Valencia. He has also served as director, speaker and promoter of numerous seminars and conferences nationally and internationally. Starting in 2010 he became the Director of Product Development and Communication for CAPDELL.

Marconato Zappa

Duo of Italian architects who developed together their interest in design, working on residential and commercial projects and creating exceptional furniture pieces for famous manufacturers among which Porada.

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