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GSA Contract

Eurotrend Furniture LLC GSA Award Schedule Contract provides Authorized Dealers with a comprehensive collection of European furniture solutions for the Federal Government. The high quality and exceptional design of our collections has been proven by an extensive use over the years in the most various applications. Since 2010 Eurotrend Furniture has been awarded with the GSA Contract and partnering closely with selected and trusted Dealers, offers a vast range of products at a great value.

For Dealers to work with Eurotrend Furniture LLC on a GSA project it is required that they carefully read and accept the terms and conditions of the GSA Contract with Eurotrend before signing the &ldquo Dealer Participation Form”. Any Dealer not registered as a participating dealer will not be paid on GSA Contract orders under any circumstances.

Eurotrend Furniture LLC offers competitive fees to trusted dealers and salespersons. Supported by sales, marketing and customer support Eurotrend Furniture LLC is able to present the best solutions and designs for GSA projects and answer all needs.

Participating under this GSA Contract all trusted dealers are representing Eurotrend Furniture LLC to the United States Government, therefore they are expected to abide by the negotiated terms and conditions.


GSA Terms and Conditions

  • All orders and payments must be addressed to:
    • Eurotrend Furniture LLC
    • 275 Broome Street
    • New York, NY 10002
    • Tel. 212.343.1043
    • Fax: 212.343.1044
  • FOB: New Jersey. All our GSA Contract is FOB Origin, which requires the government to process any freight damages. Freight costs are additional and Eurotrend will gladly provide a freight quote upon request.
  • Delivery Time: 10-12 weeks ARO ( 70 to 84)
  • Warranty: Eurotrend Furniture LLC’s standard commercial 1 year warranty
  • Restocking: No returns will be accepted by Eurotrend Furniture LLC except with the agreement in writing by Eurotrend Furniture LLC. All returned merchandise will have to be shipped freight prepaid.
  • Cancellation: None prior to production. After production has begun only actual cost incurred from the contract if it can be demonstrated that cannot be recovered through resale of merchandise after a reasonable length of tie (6) six months.
  • Discount Structure: 51.6% discount from Eurotrend’s 2009 Price List, net of the IFF
  • Volume Discount: additional 12% per 250 chair minimum
  • Prompt Payment: 2% 10 days, net 30 days
  • Amendments: if we know an order requires an amendment we (by law) must request that amendment within 5 days of receipt of the order. Otherwise, the order is considered accepted “as is” according to the Federal Acquisitions Regulations

For more information, forms and questions please contact our customer service at: 212.343.1043 or

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