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Spanish renowned furniture manufacturer of contemporary chairs, armchairs, barstools and lounge seating. Capdell embrace beauty and precision, but realized aesthetics means nothing if they are not welded to performance. For this reason all models are rigorously tested by the nationally recognized testing facility "Aidima”. We ensure all of our products achieve level "5" before they are even bought to market. CAPDELL

Italian seating company from the Friuli region that every year rediscovers the art of the chair and champions the cause of “Made in Italy”. Tirolo’s products offer innovation in terms of design and material evoking ideas of elegance and aesthetics. Tirolo’s craftsmanship is handed down through generations and modern day manufacturing technology insure higher quality standards that are tested and certified by Catas – the Italian independent testing laboratory. TIROLO

Coffee tables, mirrors, desks, sofas, armchairs and coat racks are just some of the mesmerizing products that constitute the Porada family. Entirely made in Italy this residential and commercial line offers the latest design trends and the most experienced manufacturing techniques, by researching both quality materials and unique designers. PORADA

Papadatos is a design and manufacturing group that began in 1900 with George and Nasos Papadatos. Along with their staff, Papadatos oversees production of an extensive line of furnishings. Their philosophy balance simplicity and honesty so that designs may continue to grow in today’s ever changing world. Social responsibility is a fundamental value of the corporate philosophy of Papadatos. This sense of responsibility goes beyond the legal obligations of the company. Their belief is that the recipe for success is not the excessive, but the harmonious coexistence of neutral elements surrounded by a freshly tapped idea. Their goal is to combine modern with timeless and elegant comfort. PAPADATOS

The Company opened in Italy in the 1950s, and was known for its passion and research right from the start: we belong to that group of companies that, at the time, were making a significant contribution to creating and establishing the concept of Italian design. The product offer has always been decisively innovative: Cadsana was the first in Italy to produce partition walls (Programma Interparete, 1965) or walls and panel systems for open spaces (Brick System, 1970, 1982/3). A trend of product innovation has marked the past, and continues to be evident in the present. CADSANA

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