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Model:  380
Manufacturer:  Capdell  See products from this manufacturer
Designed by Kazuko Okamoto
$ 1327.00 (COM)


The concept of the Stir collection derives from Okiagari Koboshi; the traditional Japanese lucky doll that wobbles, but always returns upright thanks to its center of gravity. The aesthetic lines of Stir are clean and airy. The rocking base is made of a wooden semi-circle that is reflected in a perfectly symmetrical manner in the semi-circle of the enveloping arms. Then Collection is also available with a fix (non-rocking base)


Fabric Finish Options

Blazer is a luxurious wool blend upholstery fabric with a billiard cloth felted finish. It is soft to the touch, easy to upholster and it is available in 52 colors. Blazer fabric is ecological, resistant to wear and aging and it is 100% pure new wool with 50,000 double rubs.
cuz02 cuz08 cuz09 cuz12 cuz13
cuz14 cuz1a cuz1b cuz1c cuz1d
cuz1e cuz1f cuz1g cuz1h cuz1j
cuz1k cuz1l cuz1m cuz1n cuz1p
cuz1q cuz1r cuz1s cuz1t cuz1u
cuz1v cuz1w cuz1x cuz1y cuz1z
cuz21 cuz24 cuz26 cuz27 cuz28
cuz2a cuz31 cuz39 cuz47 cuz53
cuz58 cuz62 cuz63 cuz67 cuz82
cuz83 cuz84 cuz85 cuz86 cuz87
cuz88 cuz89

Leather Finish Options

L 103 L 111 L 115 L 126 L 128
L 129 L 135

Wood Finish Options

13 standard beech wood matt stains, with protective clear coating making it resistant to stains and suitable for heave-duty applications
T 1 T 10 T 11 T 12 T 14
T 2 T 3 T 4 T 5 T 6
T 7 T 8 T9


Width 22.40 in
Depth 22.00 in
Overall Height 29.10 in
Arm Height 25.60 in
Seat Height 17.70 in
COM Requirement 1.2 yd 
COL Requirement 22 sq.ft. 
Packing 1 per box 

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