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Contemporary European Furniture from Top Designers and Manufacturers

Seating, tables, sofas…and more



Arco chair and barstool IN-STOCK and available for immediate delivery.

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About Eurotrend

In 2003, Eurotrend was born from the heart of the Italian furniture market, bringing the exquisite design aesthetics of the European furniture world to North America. We’ve seamlessly combined this European charm with the convenience of local sourcing and a rich tapestry of customization options designed specifically for the Architecture and Design (A&D) community.

Recognizing a clear need for high-end design and competitive pricing in the contract and hospitality market, Eurotrend embarked on a mission to fill this void. We’ve achieved this by uniting the talents of internationally renowned designers and collaborating with esteemed European manufacturers like Cantarutti,TrabA’ and ICF.

At Eurotrend, we empower designers, architects, and reputable dealers across the nation with the ability to fully customize our products, all of which meet the rigorous quality standards required for contract applications. Our extensive selection spans a multitude of environments, encompassing everything from elegant side chairs and sofas to sophisticated outdoor collections, as well as restaurant and bar seating and tables. Eurotrend serves as your all-inclusive solution for a wide range of contract and hospitality needs.

What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to delivering high design and competitive pricing. This ethos extends to residential projects, where Eurotrend offers the same meticulous attention to detail as we provide to our larger clients, along with exceptional pricing and the option for tailor-made, custom designs.

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Design Inspirations

traba skin coffee table

Design by: Giacomo Cattani

side table [ skin]

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