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California Technical Bulletin 117 


Eurotrend is committed to ensure our products meet specific fire code standards, including the CAL 117 standard.  We will work with you to make sure the furniture you order from us meet all necessary regulations.

What is the CAL 117 rating?

California Technical Bulletin 117, otherwise known as CAL 117 for short, is a regulation that sets the standard for upholstered furniture flammability in the furniture industry. While the regulation is only legally binding in the state of California, it has become a nationwide standard because the state represents such a huge market. CAL 117 requires that certain materials that are used in residential furniture pass both an open flame and smolder test.

How is upholstered furniture tested?

The tests are conducted within a closed test chamber where technicians can measure how quickly the open flame spreads and grows. The smolder test involves placing a lit cigarette on the furniture and measuring the length of the char that forms. Technicians also measure the amount of heat, smoke and carbon monoxide that is generated. Once the results have been recorded, they are then compared to specific criteria and a successful score will result in a certification for the manufacturer.

History of CAL 117 and Current Requirements

The requirement was originally issued in 1975 to protect consumers from purchasing products that had the potential to easily catch fire and act as an accelerant. The first set of standards dealt mostly with the filling materials, but since most fires don’t begin on the inside. In 2015, the newly revised version shifted the focus to cover materials and how they interact with filling. CAL 117 now comes with the following requirements:

  • Upholstery cover fabrics, filling materials and other materials must pass certain smolder resistant requirements.
  • If these components do not meet flammability standards, then a barrier material must be added for protection.
  • Flame retardant chemicals can be added to furniture although they are subject to their own set of requirements.
  • Manufacturers who don’t comply with flammability or labeling regulations are subject to a series of fines and will be required to cover the cost of further compliance testing.

There are some exceptions, such as for furniture that will be used exclusively outdoors. Otherwise, you will want to be on the lookout for products that come with a CAL 117 label. This indicates that you are investing in a product that meets certain standards and a manufacturer who cares about their customers.

California Technical Bulletin 133 


Eurotrend is committed to ensure our products meet specific fire code standards, including the CAL 133 standard.  We will work with you to make sure the furniture you order from us meet all necessary regulations.

What is the CAL TB 133 Fire Code?

The CAL TB 133 is a fire regulation that regulates upholstered furniture and any other upholstery to public buildings or “public occupancy areas,” which are identified as an area containing ten or more articles of seating furniture.  CAL TB 133 has standards for heat production, mass loss, smoke opacity, and carbon monoxide production. CAL TB 133 does not apply to residential furniture.

The main objective of these regulations is to help in containing the spread of fire through highly flammable materials like foams, fabrics and other materials.

The Bureau of the United States, Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) sets the standard for flame retardant in its Bulletin CA 133.

Below is a list of Sate with California Technical Bulletin 133

StateHotel-MotelCorrectionsHealth CareEducational
Illinoisx x 
Montana  x 
New Hampshire    
New Jersey    
New Mexico    
New York x  
North Carolina    
North Dakota    
Ohio xx 
Oregon  x 
Rhode Island    
South Carolina    
South Dakota    
Tennessee x  
Vermont x  
West Virginia    
Local Jurisdictions    
Los Angelesxxxx
New York City    
NY/NJ Portx   
San Franciscoxxxx

Note : this list should be used strictly to give an overview of where CAL 133 is used throughout the US and is subject to change through time

Article about TB 133 from the Polyrethane Foam Association

This page is by no means a comprehensive coverage of CAL 133 guidelines and restrictions.  For specific requirements from specific State/Jurisdiction you are urged to confirm the requirements with the actual authorities.